Technogel Mante Batch Freezers 10-30 & 15-45Launched at the SIGEP show in Rimini this year, Alfred & Co are pleased to announce the availability of the new Technogel Mante batch freezer range. Four models complete the range: Mante 10/30, 15/45, 20/60 and 30/100, all with many new and improved features over the previous range.

Steve Henshall, sales manager at Alfred & Co, is excited about the new machines and said, “We have already taken firm orders and hope to have a demonstrator at Retford very soon. We are seeing great interest in saving water and I’m pleased to say all four machines are available
with air cooling.”

A new dasher design with twin-bladed, variable pressure scraper blades tops the list of modifications along with some tweaks on the refrigeration system, allowing for a greater production capacity from the slightly taller Mante freezers.

Ice cream control has been expanded from the traditional viscosity setting to encompass both temperature and time settings as an alternative.

As before, once the set point has been reached the control system maintains consistency of product until the operator presses the extract button.

Other improvements include a re-shaped extract door and handle, Napoli tray with shaped cut-outs to firmly hold containers for filling, washing nozzle fitted with a trigger control, more accessible water connections, along with design changes to make the machines easier to wash.

“I was fortunate enough to visit Technogel a few weeks ago,” Steve said, “and ‘I’ve used the new machines. They are really superb, well engineered pieces of kit that will last a lifetime. I would be happy to demonstrate the freezers either at Technogel in Bergamo or Retford when Technogel can squeeze a machine into the production run for us.”

Steve has kept the best news until last – prices have come down across the board by £2,000-£3,000 per machine, so if you’re after a new batch freezer, make sure you contact Alfreds first!

Steve Henshall can be contacted by email at or by phone on +44 (0)7980 832642.0

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