Description: The Gram RUF Rotary Filler is a reliable and robust high speed rotary filler able to fill and lid upto 12,000 pieces per hour. Constructed of stainless steel with castors it can easily be moved when not in use. An intuitive control system drives the machine.

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Product Description

The cups, cones or containers are dispensed from the magazine into the filling table. Filling of the products takes place with either a time-elapse or extrusion bottom-up filler, depending on the viscosity and the volume of the product, and the ingredients.

Decoration with a number of viscous or solid ingredients is possible. A large variety of lid types and lidding techniques can be applied, according to the design of the product. Lid tamper, heat-sealing of pre-stamped lids or sealing with foil from roll stock is possible.

After lidding, the products are pushed or lifted out of the filling table, and transferred into the hardening tunnel by a driven conveyor. Date coding can be placed on the outlet conveyor. Semi-automatic handling systems are available.

Optional features:

  • Dispenser for cones, cups, containers, spoons and squeeze-ups.
  • Time-elapse, extrusion and volumetric fillers.
  • Decoration units for e.g. ice cream, chocolate and cocktail sauce (ripple or pencil).
  • Dry ingredient dosing unit.
  • Chewing gum dispenser.
  • Lidding equipment: snap-in, snap-on, overcap etc.
  • Heat-sealing equipment for pre-cut and foil from roll stock.
  • Pleating and tamping equipment.
  • Date coding.

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Product Features

Capacity for cups and cones more than 9,000 products/hour
Capacity for boxes more than 4,000 products/hour